Committee Information


Charity Committee – Chair: Vicki Lepore – No committee needed

  • Identify a local or national charity (every other year) for the chapter to support
  • Promote awareness and solicit charitable donations for the charity through official Chapter communication vehicles (newsletter, website, etc) and at IAEE functions during the year

Communications/Social Media Committee – Chairs: Moriah Hathaway-Casey & Gretchen Liedl

Co-Chair: TBD 

Katherine Ballew & Liz Klostermann

  • Contribute ideas, written articles or other sources of content for 6 Chapter newsletters (separate designer will produce newsletter)
  • Update Chapter website content (separate designer will update web pages)
  • Calendar Tool - track Chapter calendar (official chapter events, marketing schedules, industry events, etc.) to provide a resource for Chapter utilization in one location
  • Provide chapter members with communication vehicles such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Update and monitor all social media vehicle 

Membership Engagement Committee – Chairs: Heather Larson & Tricia Mallett

Gretchen Leidel, Chris Schroll, Jennifer Galletin, Shaun Pirrera, Joleen Berberet, Marlys Arnold, Ruthi Eckert, Nicole Rodriquez-Schultz, Jen Kimball.

  • Personal phone calls and emails to members
  • Personal phone calls and email new members welcoming them to the chapter
  • Plan and execute Meet Ups and Live Streaming events outside of Chicagoland
  • Encourage attendance at Chicago based and remote events
  • Educate members about resources available to them through IAEE including CEIR Research, webinars and International events such as Expo Expo and the CEM Week.

Program Committee – Chairs: Ross Starr and Kara Stahl

Co-Chair: Keith Murphy

Cate Hunter, Joni Taylor and Kathy Checea

The Programming Committee is responsible for researching and identifying high-quality speakers and timely topics for the educational portion of 3 events to drive maximum attendance, with a focus on topics that attract event organizers while also speaking to our significant vendor/partner membership.

The committee meets via phone approximately every 2 months to discuss chapter goals and brainstorm ideas for topics, which are then communicated to the Executive Board who ultimately decides on the topic and venue.

Committee members are required to be engaged in the process either through email or on the phone calls, and complete assignments for research as directed by the Board Liaison. Committee members are also expected to attend all meetings as their schedule allows, and actively recruit ideas and network with other attendees as committee spokespeople. 

  • Plan pre-determined number of educational programs per calendar year (approximately 3)

Special Events Committee

  • Plan the annual Chapter Golf Outing – Chair: Brian Kester, Co-Chair: Mike Morgan

Committee: Julie Ichiba, Dan Corcoran and Jorge Mazzarri

  • Plan the Holiday Social – Chair: Cassie Palacios

Sponsorship Committee – Chair: Julie Ichiba

Co-Chair: Jennifer Kimball

  • Provide valuable and unique sponsorship and advertising opportunities to associate members through research, surveys and industry standards
  • Assist Chapter in raising revenue through the promotion and solicitation of sponsorship and advertising
  • September – November: reach out to past sponsorship companies.  25 emails and phone calls
  • September – update sponsorship budget and brochure – 2 hours
  • January - Finalize sponsorships, follow up emails and assist in collecting checks – 6 hours
  • January – March: continue to reach out to potential sponsors

Young Professionals Committee – Chairs: Moriah Hathaway-Casey & Gretchen Liedl

Co-Chair: Sarah Madonia

Janelle Arbuckle, Katie Ballew, Patrick Callen, Ben Cramer, Stephanie DeMarco, Moriah Hathaway-Casey, Cate Hunter, Brett Kolinek, Lauren Licata, Nick Maleski, Katherine McLaughlin, Kara Stahl, Ross Starr, Alyssa Sterioti & Lindsey Williams

  • Subcommittee: Annual Kickball Tournament  

Chairs: Cate Hunter and Sean McDonaugh

  • Subcommittee: Student Engagement

Chairs: TBD

The objective of IAEE's Midwestern Chapter Young Professionals Committee is to provide focus on the needs of those who are at the beginning of their career paths.

The goals of the Young Professionals Committee shall include but are not limited to:

  • Continue to identify young professionals within IAEE’s Midwestern Chapter membership, determine their special needs and expectations and develop initiatives specifically designed to meet their needs.
  • Recommend educational, networking and other programs and initiatives to IAEE with the needs of young professionals in mind.
  • Develop new initiatives designed to attract, engage and retain individuals of diverse backgrounds and interests.
  • Contribute to and support IAEE’s student outreach efforts aimed at raising awareness of the value of IAEE membership and recruiting student members.
  • Provide a social and professional support network for this important segment of IAEE Midwestern Chapter members.

Estimated Time Commitment:

Members of the IAEE Midwestern Chapter Young Professionals Committee will be expected to meet 6 times each year via teleconference.  Conference calls will generally last 60 minutes each.  In addition, members are encouraged to attend all IAEE Midwestern Chapter events and other networking activities.

Teams within the committee may be established to address specific tasks.  In this event, members of the task-specific team may be required to participate in additional teleconferences.  

Please contact, Gail Brooks if you are interested in joining a committee.