The Only Reason You Need to Start Networking

by Jennifer Kimball, VP of Business Development, Event Creative


Jennifer KimballNetworking is critical to a successful career, and that is why the IAEE MWC Board spends a considerable amount of time making sure we are providing you with not only relevant educational topics, but also critical face time with your industry peers.  It all ties in together; if you have quality programming, a desirable location (with good food), you will more than likely receive high attendance. High attendance means more opportunity for you to meet the people you want to meet, make new friends and of course have some fun. Great programming doesn’t do any good unless there are people there, so here are just a few reasons why you should be attending local events. 

Making these events a priority is setting YOU up for success by allowing you the opportunity to create a diverse, active network outside of your employer. Networking can also help you become a better employee. You are there in a situation that creates opportunity for you to talk about your company, what you do and the value your company adds to the industry.  That’s a win for you,) and a win for your employer as well.

When you attend an event, you are creating a prominent statement that you care.  You care about the content of the program, you care about meeting new people, and you care about learning and growing in this industry.  That is an important message to put out there, not only for potential employers in the case that you may be looking for a job, but also to people who may be recruiting for top talent.

When you walk into the room, enter with a smile and a good attitude about the experience.  If you are nervous about going alone, reach out to the chapter leadership and ask for a list of people who are attending. If you know someone, make a plan to meet them there.. If you don’t know anyone, then reach out to the Chapter leadership In fact, the IAEE MWC created a program last year where you could request to be paired up with a member of a IAEE MWC Committee. Having a buddy to introduce you around the room makes all the difference in your experience.

My most important piece of advice is to treat these events like a date with your future self.  Be a resource to your peers and they will be for you - THAT is how you build a network.  It’s not just about exchanging business cards; it’s about following up and keeping that connection alive. It will pay off for yourself and your employer, and better yet your future success. 

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